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Edge Pride

I am the offense

I am the defense

I never sit the bench

I never take a play off

It's all on me


The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts began its presence in Bergen County, NJ in 1981. Our Saddle Brook Academy is a training facility second to none; it is where the best come to train and learn. 


Wether you're a young child experiencing new discoveries and learning how to cope with all of the new challenges, a teen looking for a unique workout, self defense, or sport fight training, or an adult looking to get in shape while taking one of our many classes, at The EDGE We provide the best training facility and most friendly training environment – period.


For those looking to compete in Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, or Submission Grappling. Some of the top Mixed Martial Artists, Grapplers, and Fighters have walked the floors of the The EDGE. Our facility has also been graced by athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA and Olympic Athletes. Our fight team consisting of both amateur and professional fighters has competed with great success in local and national events.


The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts is unique because of our total commitment to the excellence of our students. What makes our training environment world class is our quality teaching staff, our proven training methods, and the friendly supportive training atmosphere you'll find at The EDGE. All of these dynamic elements come together to make The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts a refreshing approach to self-defense, fight training, and total body conditioning.


At the EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts, we are not concerned with what was, but with what works. You will find our training programs stream-lined, practical, and most importantly, effective. Our main concern is giving our students the best training available because we know that a false sense of confidence will always betray you in an actual time of need.


Our staff sets the standard for cutting edge training practices by regularly attending clinics and seminars. All of our instructors still train, learn, and improve on a daily basis. When we find a better training method or approach, we adapt it and change for the better. Our flexible attitude and willingness to change and grow is what training at The EDGE is all about. You will find that all EDGE instructors have their own unique ways of teaching wether it be training in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts or the EDGE's Self Defense program. That dynamic allows each student to develop their own unique method and way based on their personal strengths. Training at The EDGE will unleash your true potential.


EDGE Philosophy


Martial Arts is a never ending road, a source of continuous growth and awareness. From white belt to black belt, student to master, regardless of what an extraordinary fighter or instructor you may develop into, you must never cease to be a student if you hope to inherit all that martial arts has to offer. Do not allow yourself to stop learning. Never believe that you have acquired so much knowledge as to be closed minded to new ideas. As a wise man once said, “martial artist’s should be constantly involved in a process of research that never crystallizes its findings into a finished product”. The definitive reward of martial arts training is immensely greater than an attractive black belt, a thriving academy, a great reputation or any competition victory. It is the fulfillment of knowing that the search for perfection is never ending and that the lessons learned will transform you into a much stronger person. At The EDGE, as well as in life, the path to greatness is long and arduous and full of obstacles. Just remember, discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons.


At the EDGE our focus is on practical training and not pagentry. In the modern world where the expectations and desire for quick fixes and the belief that fad workouts are the key to success – it is more necessary than ever to have an effective and efficient training program developed and taught by experienced individuals with the highest integrity and ideals.                   



 Justin Rios


5TH Degree Black Belt Sil Jun Do Defense System®


Kru-Full Instructor/ Fighter SuriyaSak Muay Thai


3rd Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


4TH Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do


MMA Champion

Rich Sabatino


Kru-Full Instructor/ Fighter SuriyaSak Muay Thai


2nd Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Performance Enhancement Specialist


Joe DeLuca


Kru-Full Instructor/ Fighter SuriyaSak Muay Thai


Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

NJ/PA registered MMA Fighter & Cornerman


Oscar Martinez


Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Wayne Malec


5TH Degree Black Belt Sil Jun Do Defense System®


Kru-Full Instructor/ Fighter SuriyaSak Muay Thai


Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


1st degree Black Belt Sil Jun Hapkido®

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